Elementary: K-5

Primary Enrollment K-5th Grade

We have created the following steps to make the process of enrolling very simple. If at any point you need assistance, contact us.

1.    Call the TSA office and schedule a tour with the Principal. Upon meeting with the Principal, you will recevie the enrollment packet. 

2.    Complete a TSA application and pay the $20 nonrefundable application fee. Submission of an application is not a guarantee of admission.

3.    Gather the following application materials and submit to Third Street Main Office

`                       TSA Individual Character Education Plan Intake Form

              2019 Tax Return

4.    Complete the NCSEAA Opportunity Scholarship online.  Go to www.ncseaa.eduand click on the K-12 grants.  

      *Your TSA application will NOT be accepted without this online application completed. If you need to complete at the school using our computers let us know.

5.    Our Admissions team will contact you to schedule your child’s test assessment and parent interview. All assessments and interviews will be scheduled after all requirements and fees are completed and turned in.

6.    Decisions will be sent to applicants one week after student assessment and parent interview has taken place.