about TSA

TSA focuses on

celebrating boys

We have a deep appreciation for the intensity and complexity of boyhood, so we use teaching strategies that address learning styles specific to boys.

raising good men

Knowledge without integrity is just information. We do want smart, intelligent men, but we want boys to aspire to become loving fathers, committed husbands, and active leaders in the community.

leveraging strengths

Science has revealed that boys’ brains develop differently than girls’, so we use sensory experiences in our curriculum to engage boys more fully in their learning.

unlocking potential

We help students discover their innate creativity and imagination while also helping them to become emotionally literate young men, able to lead with compassion and respect for others.

Academy Advisory Board

The Board strategically advises the Third Street Education Center Board regarding the direction of Third Street Academy.

Rob Moloney, Chair, Business Owner
Judge Rusty Duke, Vice Chair, Retired Judge
Charlot Emerson, Retired Teacher
James Nolen, Teacher, Middle School
Maria Moloney, Teacher, Elementary
Brad Proctor, Technology Executive
Meridith Rizzuti, Business Owner
Kelly Trainor, Occupational Therapist
Keith Williams, Attorney
Richard Rizzuti, MD, Surgeon
Beth Hinson, TSA Principal
David Michael, Physician


our teachers

Beth Hinson

Beth Hinson


Judy Langley

Kristel Coward

Pre-K Teacher

Troy Milburn

Troy Milburn

Lead Teacher, Primary
K/1st Grade Teacher

Heather Timberlake

Heather Timberlake

2nd/3rd Grade Teacher

Lee Clark

Lee Clark

4th Grade Teacher


the academy creed

I am a Third Street Academy Gentleman.

God, my Father in Heaven, made me.

I am a child of the King, made in His image, and destined for greatness.

Therefore, I am strong, kind, courteous, honest, obedient, and brave.

I am a Third Street Academy Gentleman.