The Story

It’s not every day that a historic school property becomes available for purchase. But in 2012, that’s exactly what happened with the Third Street School here in Greenville, NC; and a vision was birthed. With that purchase came the development of Third Street Community Center, a faith-based nonprofit organization. And from that Center came the call to open a Christian school for boys. Just two years later, following a building renovation and a reassessment of our community’s needs, the adventure of planning the 2015 opening of the Third Street Academy began.

The Vision

We believe that generational change can occur when young men are provided a vibrant education in a caring environment. Instilling an understanding of biblical manhood and fatherhood into the hearts and minds of our students will effect transformation. We envision graduating classes of university bound young men with a deep love of God, a heart for their city, and a desire to be responsible, independent, and productive.

Our Location

Third Street Community Center located at the former Third Street School on the west side of Greenville, NC. The Center has 25,000 square feet of building space, located on 15 acres of park-like property along the Tar River.